Who we are

Concordant /adj./ - agreeing; harmonious.

Concordant Systems is a small crack team of professionals with decades of IT experience. We are experts in helping our clients get the products and services they need for their business. Our experience extends from identifying existing solutions and integrating them seamlessly into your business environment to creating a bespoke solution that meets your needs.

Our mantra

At Concordant Systems we always do the right thing for our clients, the right way.


Bob Towle | CEO & Founder

Bob has over 40 years of experience in the IT world across a variety of industries and geographies. He excels at rapidly creating tools to meet his clients’ needs and holds a number of software patents. As a finding the right solution for each client.

Matt DiGregorio | Manager

Matt brings experience to the team from a finance & accounting background applied to information systems. He has spent time both as a Big 4 accountant and as a member of various IT project implementations.

Rachel Escanlar | Director of Web Services

Rachel contributes over a decade of front-end development, adaptive marketing, and cohesive brand curation to the team. Her industry background spans widely from academia to transportation.

Cody Clark | Database Administrator

Cody has become a valuable asset to the team with a thorough knowledge and experience working with large SQL databases. His skills are only exceeded by his enthusiasm in working with our customers in offering them Disaster Recovery, Performance Optimization, and High Availability.

The Concordant Story

Twenty years ago, two friends who often found themselves solicited for their experience decided to create a business where they could share their abilities to work more efficiently together. Over the years they were able to create solutions for clients that apart they could not. While the team has changed over the years, the core strengths of the business where individual skills are combined into something more has not.